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FightingBobFest North Returns to Chippewa Falls


(Chippewa Falls) – “We are the 99%” will be the theme for the 2012 FightingBobFest North as it returns to the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Chippewa Falls on Saturday, May 19, 2012 for a full day of speakers, music and entertainment, along with artisan-style food and beverage. The public is welcome to attend this important organizing event! The event gates will open at 8:30 am.


“FightingBobFest North” follows a longstanding festival tradition held in Baraboo and Madison, WI that brings today’s best progressive speakers to the Midwest to inspire local people to speak and act on critical problems that endanger important democratic principles. Dave Zweifel, Editor Emeritus of the Cap Times says that Bobfest is “a perfect place to remember Fighting Bob [LaFollette], who specialized in speaking at fairgrounds and parks around the state, urging the people to take their democracy back from the special interests.” Ed Garvey, the founder of the original Fighting Bob Fest, adds, “During this momentous time in Wisconsin politics, the need for conversations and clarity about how money influences elections, campaigns, and government in our state is greater than ever.”

Ed Garvey, Mike McCabe, and Ruth Conniff at last year's FightingBobFest North

Another blast from the past at last year's FightingBobFest North - We'll be adding more videos over the next few weeks.

Chippewa Falls Newspaper covers FightingBobFestNorth 2011

Still, the crowd at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair grounds in Chippewa Falls was not taking it sitting down. They brought the energy of recent political protests in Madison and recall petition drives with them.

If there were a theme for this Fighting BobFest, it would be the ongoing battle of the common people, as the progressives see them, against the interests of corporations and the wealthy.

Speaker after speaker, and display table after display table, touched on some element of the issue.

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