The battle for Wisconsin's soul starts Monday!

The battle for Wisconsin's soul starts Monday! - The forces of darkness: Mike Grebe, Charlie Sykes, Scott Walker, Family Fitzgerald, and governor Talker have declared war on our history, our citizens, our values. (A sampler--eliminate any tax deduction for stem cell research; kill all public unions, eliminate same day registration for voting; kill public funding of elctions;--I'm not making this up--

As early as tomorrow, Gov. Walker will announce his budget repair plans that will be rubber-stamped by the mean-spirited troops in the Legislature.

Under the banner "I am not kidding" Walker will eliminate all positive aspects of Wisconsin's Family Leave Act and then next week announce that they will kill the public employee unions; kill public pensions; make deep cuts in local aid, schools, etc.

Walker won't even tell Dems in the Legislature what he has in mind so how would you know what is happeningnot to mntion input in the process. No discussions, no hearings, just batten down the hatches.

An immediate response Monday--Valentine's Day--Milwaukee at 11:30 in the morning--presentation of the "Heartless" award. see you at 819 James Lovell St.--state office building.

Get ready for strong response to this divisive and destructive attack. We want to remain Wisconsin not Mississippi!
[Fighting Bob]

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