Questions --- we get Questions!

There've been quite a few questions coming in on the Facebook page, and via email - I'm going to try to answer some of them here -

Will Bobfest happen if it rains? -- Yes, this is a rain or shine event.  Most of it may have to move indoors if it rains hard, but we've got a contingency plan for that.  But outside would be roomier and more fun.

Is the venue handicapped accessible? - Yes --- the entire grounds is accessible to everyone.  You should be able to get in to everything and the site is pretty darn flat.  If you need help with something, just grab one of the volunteers.  We'll help you get around.

Is there Internet access on site?  - Nope, sorry to say, there is not (unless you have Internet access through your cell phone). 

Will the event be live-streamed?  - No it won't -- Mostly because there is no Interent access.  There will probably be some limited live streaming on Uppity Wisconsin, and probably there will be some live audio on the Cinchcast widget on Solidarity Wisconsin.  We will be videotaping during the day, and you can look for some of that video here a few weeks after the event.  Also look for some updates on various progressive blogs.

Will there be food? - Yup -- lots of good local Wisconsin food and good local Wisconsin beer.

Water? - There will be water available in coolers.  You might want to bring a water bottle for convenience.  Some of the food vendors will be selling bottled water, but we know that a lot of you don't want to go that way, and we're trying to make it easy for you.

Breakout Sessions?  - There will be multiple breakout sessions.  The way they work will vary a little based on how the organizers see them.  Look for informative speakers and a lot of great discussion.

Can you tell me exactly when the speakers will be on? - Not really.  It's a fairly free-form event.  We'll make an attempt to keep things moving along, but it's a little hard to have a firm timetable.  We promise to make room for lunch, the breakouts, and some partying down, music, and beer. 

We will have continuing updates on anything you will need to know both here and on the Facebook page.


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