Dave Obey at FightingBobFestNorth!

We've just confirmed Dave Obey as another speaker at FightingBobFestNorth - More details soon.  Help spread the word.

Help spread the word about FightingBobFestNorth!

The attachment below is a poster for FightingBobFestNorth --- Download it, print it out, spread it around town!

Tony Schultz to speak at FightingBobFestNorth 2011

If you were in Madison at the height of the 2011 protests, you may have seen Tony Schultz speaking passionately about farmers, big business, and the government.  If you didn't, we'll give you a brief preview here.  Come see Tony Schultz in Chippewa Falls on May 21, along with an exciting roster of other speakers.

Ruth Conniff Speaks at the Barrymore

Ruth Conniff is one of the featured speakers at FightingBobFestNorth. Here she talks to the crowd at the Barrymore last month about labor struggles in Wisconsin.

FightingBobFestNorth Comes to Chippewa Falls


Media Advisory Questions:

April 28, 2011 Jim Dunning, (715) 839-0039


(Chippewa Falls) – The first annual FightingBobFestNorth, a festival featuring some of the country’s most influential progressive speakers, will be held at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin on Saturday, May 21, 2011. The public is invited to attend this important organizing event.


“FightingBobFest is a longstanding festival that has been held each year in Baraboo, WI that brings today’s best progressive speakers to the Midwest to inspire and energize local people to speak and act out on critical problems that endanger our important democratic principles,” says Ed Garvey, founder of FighingBobFest. “Now, FightingBobFestNorth will bring this tradition to Northwestern Wisconsin, focusing on the theme of ‘Money and Democracy.’ During this momentous time in Wisconsin politics, the need for conversations and clarity about how money influences elections, campaigns, and government in our state is greater than ever,” added Garvey.

John Nichols speaks

Speech from John Nichols at Madison Rally.  John will be one of the speakers at FightingBobFestNorth.  Come see him!

Stan Gruszynski speaks at Madison Rally

Stan will be speaking at FightingBobFestNorth -- here's a preview of the sort of thing you're likely to see!

Speaker List Announced for FightingBobFestNorth 2011

Speakers for FightingBobFestNorth 2011 will be announced as arrangements with the speakers are finalized.  FightingBobFestNorth this year center on Money and Democracy, and our speakers are being chosen with that in mind.  We will be announcing more speakers over the next few weeks.

Update --- Tammy Baldwin was just announced as a speaker

Update - Tony Schultz will speak as well.

Kathleen VinehoutUpdate --- Kathleen Vinehout will speak.



Dave ObeyUpdate -- Dave Obey has just been added to the list of speakers.

Our initial batch of speakers includes:

John Nichols -  Nichols writes about politics for The Nation magazine as its Washington correspondent. He is a contributing writer for The Progressive and In These Times and the associate editor of the Capital Times, the daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin. His articles have appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and dozens of other newspapers.  John is a dynamic speaker and will add much to FightingBobFestNorth.


Ruth ConniffRuth Conniff - Ruth Conniff covers national politics for The Progressive and is a voice of The Progressive on many TV and radio programs. Conniff was a regular on CNN’s Sunday Capital Gang and is now a regular on PBS’s To the Contrary. She also has appeared frequently on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and on NPR and Pacifica.


Stan GruszynskiStan Gruszynski - Stan Gruszynski directs the Rural Leadership and Community Development Program within the Global Environmental Management (GEM) Education Center at the Stevens Point College of Natural Resources. He has extensive experience in assisting local communities in building leadership capacity and developing opportunities for economic advancement within the framework of Wisconsin’s conservation ethic.


Mike McCabeMike McCabe - Mike McCabe is one of Wisconsin's leading whistle blowers. He shines light in dark places at the Capitol as executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan watchdog group that tracks the money in state politics, fights government corruption and works for reforms that make people matter more than money in politics


Ed GarveyEd Garvey - Garvey is the editor and publisher of the political website FightingBob.com, focusing on Wisconsin and national issues from a center-left perspective. He regularly appears on the local NPR national public radio affiliate WHAD to provide a progressive viewpoint on a variety of topics. Garvey continues to be a defining voice in Wisconsin politics.


John BonifazJohn Bonifaz - John Bonifaz is the co-founder and Director of Free Speech for People, a national non-partisan campaign seeking to restore democracy to the people through a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution to ensure that people, not corporations, govern in America. Free Speech For People is dedicated to overturning the US Supreme Court's January 2010 ruling in and a corporate rights doctrine which threatens our democracy and our self-government.


Booths are available at FightingBobFestNorth for your organization. The cost for a booth is $100. Booths that sell merchandise are also required to contribute 10% of their sales to FightingBobFestNorth. If you are interested in a booth, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you. Items marked with a red asterisk are required.

Continue the fight!

FightingBobFestNorth will take place on May 21 in Chippewa Falls.  Keep up the momentum  from the fight for worker's rights and the fight for a more just Wisconsin by coming to the new FIghtingBobFestNorth. Informative speakers, great Wisconsin food, and more, all centered around the theme of Money and Democracy.


Stay informed of BobFestNorth news!

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